Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Snuck your way into my world when all you were was a figment of my reality.
- A distinct memory, a scattered melancholy -
Whose mild fascination was easily ignorable because your space in my life was next to minimal. 
You snuck your way into my world.

took my lips by surprise with your legacy of vague talent, mild words and that 
slow crawl rhythm,
That allowed you to roll in and out of crowded moments with easy momentum.
You took my lips by surprise.

found a way to mark my body, treating my touches like a toy
With the hands of a man, and the mind of a boy.


Priyanka Saikia said...

Beautifully described... Me likes the way @Noopur has played with words. Amazing writing...

dpirsm said...

thats deep and passionate