Monday, December 8, 2014


It was when you started crawling through my walls
of fatigue,
When your whispered touches began winding their way
through my words,
I knew. 
And when your accidental caress felt heavier than 
the weight on my shoulders,
When the brush of your back against mine
pushed away my past, if only temporarily,
I knew.
When your quiet confidence gave birth
to a new chaos,
When your soft eyes raged with a desire
too wild to tame,
I knew.
It was in the desperate moment when your sweet gestures of subtle emotion
became larger than my conscience,
When your mouthfuls of sweet somethings
became my truth,
I knew.

It was when the comfort of your cheek on my hand
felt like a resting mistake.
When your stolen glances and purposeful silence
fell on suspicious eyes,
I knew.
And when your careful gestures became larger
than your words,
And your mind refused to see
What your body couldn't deny,
I knew.
I knew that in the hours lost to my whimsy
I became the mannequin 
you used to 
explore a battle you knew
you'd never win. 

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