Monday, May 28, 2012

Vices and Virtues

     I can be the vice to your virtue
The noose to your death.
The lure to your cravings,
I can be the pendulum above your head. 
     I can be the addiction to your stress
The crash to your wave,
The speed to your car,
I can be the cut to your shave.
     I can be the sin to your deeds,
The chant to your hymn.
The dagger to your shield, 
I can be the bruise to your shin. 
     I can be the lie to your conscience,
The fire to your rage.
The rape to your desires,
I can be the numbers to your age. 
     I can be the flaw to your judgement,
The storm to your peace.
The vengeance to your enemy,
I can be the catalyst to your leash. 
     I can be the disease to your needle,
The burn to your smoke, 
The depletion to your potency, 
I can be the butt to your joke. 
     I can be the claw to your clips,
The weight to your heft,
But if I gave you these things I never had,
Then, baby, what have I left?  

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