Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Some might say the fight for the fairer sex is a won battle when God put Adam before Eve,
But I say the truth is harder to handle when all men do is rake up leaves.
Much is the woe of the penises who can't find shelter when wanted
Much is the joy of the woman's libido that can be answered when wanted.

See, the battle is dead because the war is won
If you think you're the man, I gave birth to your son.

Do you see the biology behind your existence?
Do you still try to change my mind through insistence?

Well, I hate your guts, I hate your spirit
I love your body, yes
But not your mind, not your grit.

I have me some women who can slander your sex
You have no answer, boy.

You're just a toy.

Stop being so coy...

... Boy.