Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Monotony

I want to spend these moments here with you
Before you find another reason to get busy
With your daily monotony.
Different perspectives and never ending emotions
For you, my love;
My friend... my confusion.
Rainy drives were not enough
To quench the lust for love
Between you and I, through light words and soft kisses
Of moist humor and fluttering hearts.
Speaking through our eyes and feeling with our mouths
Is just another way to let you know
That I am still willing to be your everything...
... If you will be mine.
If you will be the corner I hide in to feel safe.
Don't slide by with the flow of the past;
Stay with me and build
Our 'forever' with the present;
Build our imaginary shelter
To hold hands and breathe in;
During the moments I spend here with you.