Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Foamy Wings

Gokarna, 2008.

If I lay awake on the sand and waited
For the sea to sweep me away along its
Foamy wings,
Would you run behind me, into the horizon,
And do all you can to save me?
And when I don't surface from the shimmering depths,
When you don't hear me call your name
Or yell for help,
Will you drown with me too?
Or will you go back onto the sand and watch
Into the horizon and wonder when I'm coming back?
Or will you, for the years to come, mourn my passing
With every breath you take?
... You need not do anything...
Because I'm still sitting in a room, on a computer,
Surrounded by technology that makes no sense to me.
Waiting for you to take me away
Into the sea with foamy wings.