Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random, Random, Random!

Red Musings:

I got a red belt with Velcro.
I got red Rockster chappals.
I got red perfume.
I got red earnings.
I got weed leaves on the red earings.
I got Moments cigarettes in memory of my like for that word.
I got a beautiful calendar.
I got a visit from Princess Selene.
I got a card.
I got a sleepover.
I got hugs
I got kisses.
I got rain.
I got night.
And I got it all for my birthday.
I feel happy.

Everything is green
Everything is serene
Everything is round
Everything is so profound.

So I’m having random gushing thoughts.
Sometimes happy, sometimes melancholic. Sometimes filled with rage, sometimes irritatingly cute
I’m irritatingly cute!
Narcissistic much?

For all the friends I’ve made
I’ve found none who’ve stayed.
Ironic much?

Keep trying ta figure out what this post is about!
I fell off my freakin’ bed today so I got a sore bum.
Do I want
chocolate to make it better?

I just realized that I’m not on Shar’s list of Bloggers!
And it’s nice because I don’t have to skip a link when I want to check the other links out!

Also Princess Selene has a new blog:
Here and There

Very interesting!

I’m adding new things to my blog.
I need to
wake it up!!

Off for now to be more random! Keep checking! =)