Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Googly-Eyed Pancakes.

Morning rays of rainy haze
Through mist and fog.
Warm beams and weathered seams
Of soft pajamas and old, old frocks.

Tick-tocking clocks from years ago
And babies wailing in their cribs.
Laughing teddy bears and long flowing hair
I feel no need to purse my lips.

Washed away pain with the flow of sunlight
Frying pans sizzling and ovens trying to bake.
Lets sit here and laugh and stare out the window
While we eat our googly-eyed pancakes.

I just realized that the poem seens a lot like Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. (I like the animation in this video.)
Must warn that it was not my intention. I just liked the sound of Googly-Eyed Pancakes. =)

Also, its sunny outside but its still cold!
I think the black clowds are coming my way.

Smokey clowds
and dribbling drops
of rain and happiness
in a world so lost
in concrete bliss and material waste;
Let's sit silently, confined to our sins
behind closed doors that let nobody in....
... to our world of 'make believe' ideals
and rules with no regulations.
Be my friend.
Be my rainbow.


Princess S/Kishmish said...

clouds isnt it?? ;)

as always good work :*

((had to type 8 random letters to post this :-X))

Chaggoholic.... said...

Does take u in a flashback.Sweet....

Sharanya said...

Banana Pancakes! Our favourite wake-up-to song on sleepovers at my place....:) and sunny side up egg sandwiches. :)
I love the pome! (yes i said pome)
I'LL be your rainbow, widegrin! PICK ME! ME!

Tups said...


you're my rainbow!!
We can have another Sunday sleepover and, again, we can play Banana Pancakes while you make me that yummy egg-toast thingy.