Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's funny how life has changed. How we've all grown up and evolved. Emotions have molded themselves into maturity and maturity has molded itself into understanding and focus. People I once loved and still continue loving have all grown up into individuals to be admired in their own way....


It all started with a French course at the Alliance Francaise when I met a tomboy-ish, 'complicated', rebellious teenager of 18.
At that time, Princess Selene spelled "danger"... to my sister.
To me she was an escape from the 'boringness' that was my world.
She was an escape from duty.
The first friend I ever made; first person with emotions that were in her eyes rather than on her face; first person, other than my mother, to take care of and protect me like a lioness protects her cub; the first person who seemed to see the world as I did.
At that time, she was young... in comparison to today. Hardly able to handle her own emotions, she was busy taking care of others.
Weeping was easy for her... when no one was watching... maybe it still is.
Melancholy was in her every step.
Mistakes were all she made... or so she believed.
And then she grew up... Quite suddenly... Unexpectedly.
Today she is independent; goal-oriented; a multi-tasker (nothing new!); and still the person I would run to, call, depend on if I was stuck.
My memories of this city are almost ALWAYS associated only with her.
In my memories of this city and of that time that seems so long ago, there's a world full of fumes, literature, Shakespeare, lyrics, pain, happiness, tears, coffee, tea, singing at the top of our lung ("I looooveee iiit wheeenn weeeee're cruuuuuissin' togeeeether"), dancing in the middle of the road and Sunday afternoons... and somehow, in someway, every scene in my mind, has her in it.
For that, I thank her.

Shar was always quiet. The sweet, nice, naive, shy girl with innocent green eyes. Always helping; always there; no sense of direction!
She was and still is one of those people who make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I saw her sitting across from me and the first thing I said was "Hi!" Never have I seen another person looking as shy as she did then.
She was probably also surprised at the random hug I gave her before leaving! But then again, I just love hugs too much.
Shar could never say "no"... sometimes she still has that problem.
But then, she grew up too.
She matured. She became dignified.
Today, she LIKES saying "no." A Lot.
And although her sense of direction still sucks a little, she's my best friend; my moral police. Always there when I need some sense; always there when I need someone to be different with me; when I need someone to share my principles and think the way I do; always there when I need someone to bitch with.
But most importantly, somehow, she's always just there... and she never goes away.
I thank my heavens for that.
Somehow, she seems to have grown up over night.
But it's okay... She's my green-eyed bunny. =)

Deb grew up gradually.
When I met her, she probably didn't like me. I tend to be too bubbly.
But then we got to know each other... those days when she would have nothing to do after college, she would randomly call me.
I don't quite know what we bonded over... I still do not know what we bond over... but that's the charm of it.
It's a bond that cannot be explained... it's the reason we're best friends... yhe reason we've been through thick and thin with no explanation as to why we're sticking it out with each other.
There's too much to describe and there aren't enough words.
It's us. =)

And then there's me... I don't think I grew up.
I AM growing up though.
When I finally get to drinking out of a glass, I'll let you know.

Much love.


Divya said...

loved your post =)
pretty much like reflections of my own life and friends in it.. happens to all of us doesn't it? none of us like to grow up though :(

Tups said...


Thanks a ton!
Have to agree... I doubt anyone likes growing up.
But I like maturity. Somehow, I think it's different from 'growing up.'
I still have my innocence.
Liked your blog quite a bit too.
Happy reading! =)

Chaggoholic.... said...

French courses do bring out some grt relationships.I hv heard such experiences before. Really cute....

By the way a new one posted by me.Check it out .Wud be fun...

Sharanya said...

Me likes this post mymunch.
Primarily because i'm one of the subjects in it. But also because its so twooo(true)! We've all changed. Lost our way in this city (thats only me i think). Hardened up a bit. Softened up a bit. Opened up a LOT. And become tighter than tight friends :)(With a few exceptions of course.)
I HAVE learnt to say no efficiently. Trust me its a good thing.
And me luffs bein yer friend. Me luffs it!!
directionless shar :)(I'm workin on it by not travelling alone. EVER.)

Tups said...


glad you liked the post.
your new post is nice... just didn't know your shadow was a woman.


you luffs being my friend, bunny... that's why you are!
also, in regards to you getting lost, i'm going to take you to Cunningham road agn, make sure that you're riding, and won't give you any directions.
I is evil.

Sharanya said...

i keel you!!
i keeel you for ze dutty pictar of me and my humonginormous arm!!

Princess S/Kishmish said...

heyy i just saw this! :) i think i was 16 or 17 :P definitely not 18 :) and thanku for this post :) wonderful i say :)

we all grew up, but the question remains: do we want to grow up? ;)