Monday, September 22, 2008

Conferences, Dizziness and Dancing!

Yesterday was brilliant.

I went to Christ University for a literature fest (which landed up being very ill-organized except for the band, Blue Barracudas) and my main reason was the chief guest, an author I've admired for a long time and woman who, I feel, is totally with it! She's the bomb!:
Shobhaa De.

I spent the whole day feeling so excited and then suddenly she was right there in front of me! Shar and I ran down the auditorium only so I could go up to her and talk to her but I chickened out!! Boo on me, I tell ya.

But I got a second chance! *hops up and down in excitement*
I figured that the worst that could happen was that Shobhaa would probably consider me an idiot but it would be worth it if I could just talk to her and get an autograph.
I did it! I spoke to her!
I wanted to tell her I was a homeschooler but never really got around to it but I did manage to tell her that the first post on Number 9 Thoughts has been inspired by her book, Second Thoughts.
I was feeling a little giddy after that.
The press conference was brilliant.
She's a rebel.
I like that.
I think the youth can take away something from that... I hope they did!

Partying at Fuga happened in the night to add to my happy high!
All in all, BRILLIANT day!


(I know I don't usually write such general posts but I've been too excited and had to let it out! =))


HOBO said...

Congrats !

Wickedcookie said...

I didn't hear a thank you. :P

I'm glad you got to meet her and you commented on her blog thingummy and she replied!!! Lucky you..
Ps: Aaaaah! A clown commented on this post!

MM said...

Hey Noopu!
Found your blog and it's pretty darn awesome! :) Glad you had fun that day!
Muahs! :)