Thursday, June 12, 2008

All The Time.

Maybe, perhaps, if I hadn't looked away for two seconds
To get some perspective
I would still have a hold on you and us.
If I hadn't looked at that other boy
I would still be attached to you and your words;
To our memories and the future I created.
But I slipped through your fingers
Like water... like oil;
I found some peace in living away from you.
I still think of you when I'm lonely
When I'm sad
When I'm happy
... All the time.
But really, you're not on my mind all that much.
I think you can still read my mind;
My permission isn't really needed.
When are you coming back?
It's raining already and we got two more seasons
Before we all vow to start our lives afresh.
Will you be there when I make those empty promises?
Maybe I'll find some solace in the fact that I have to wait.
In the fact that you're on my mind...
All the time.

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