Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cows Are Sexy! I Admit It!

Hey..... Whats up?
*long pause*

Yes, that's randomness but what does it matter?
This is the blogging world you know. *looks smug*
I can sound like a complete fool and still come off as an exceptional writer!
I reign my blog! *looks righteous*

There seem to be more people turning to blogging these days... jobless gits. (Blame THAT on Ron Weasley.. You know the red-haired dude from Harry Potter who, by the way, is out to destroy You-Know-Who *said in a fearful whisper*... You don't know who?... Lord... Lord... VOLDERMOT!! *shrieks and runs for cover* -- for all those ignorant people who didn't know WHO, if I die, I'm suing.--You murders. And I thought Voldy here was bad.)

Moving on, in my pathetic attempt to bring humor to my now almost-dead blog, I must state that men are beautiful creatures... read: creatures.
Much like pets.
It just sucks when they bring emotions into a ton of things.
Those blubbering morons!
It's not that I hate men. Really. In fact, I QUITE like them. *smiles slyly*
But all I'm trying to put forth here is, that men need to buck(le) up and get their acts straight.

It's sad that my dog has been neutered.. she's never going to have a boyfriend.
It makes me want to weep.
The treacherous fate she has to endure!
The physical frustration!
Oh! Bless her!

Cows are sexy, dude. *I like big butts and I cannot lie!* That's what hits me.
They sashay along our filth ridden roads, their amazing girth taking up most of the pavement as well.
They have a don't-give-a-damn attitude. (Don't believe me? Next time you see a cow sitting in the middle of a busy high way, you'll think of me and then choke on your spit! Hah!)
I like cows.
They come in different colors.
AND patterns. *wiggles eyebrows*
Beat that, suckers!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hazy Songs and Auto Rides!

Saturday, what a day!!

So, it starts out pretty normal (in jeans that rise to low -- paradox -- and bra straps that should not be seen! Ah, the blasphemy! ). Spending time in the auto on the way to forum, I am bombarded with messages from Vi and Debolinah! Oof, the haste these people are in!
Of course, by the time I get there, I see them leaving Fabmall (this really rotten supermarket) with two breezers. Yay for me!

A quick run up to Landmark, a little jumping around with the Potter book and then it's off to.....
.... *drumroll*

PURPLE HAZE!! (Jimi Hendrix. IS. my God. --- Not that they played any of his songs there. *raises eye-brow patronizingly*)

Down goes a beer and many fumes and I am as happy as a new born baby oblivious to the fact that the world is crashing down and feminists are being hacked!! *deep breath*
A rum and coke and another breezer and we're ready for Java City!

Now here is the clinch and the ingredients that added to one amazing auto ride:
Vi, Princess Selene, Debolinah and Me.
A broken, cackling radio.
A young auto driver who probably thanked his lucky stars for having us jammed into his little wittle seats.
Perfect weather.
And not to forget, a fast depleting alcohol high.

We decided that it was time to sing. This positively, sadistically, thrilling task was quite generously taken up by the Princess, Debolinah and Meh!
It all starts out with us being bitches (and me waking up from a 0.01 second slumber) and singing equally bitchy pop songs (Hey! Hey! You! You! I don't like your girlfriend! ). We really were successful at making Vi and the nice auto guy consider jumping off the auto.
And somehow... I don't think that would have fazed the three of us all that much... *looks pensive*.
We then decide that maybe we should stick to regional languages. A little classic is exactly what it takes to get very lovingly baffled looks from fellow passerby s and drive Vi and Mr. Auto Man even closer to the brink (literally).
The fact that this song was composed before any of us were even born didn't make us stop screeching! Oh no It didn't! We went right on with those ratty voices of ours !! (Mehboooooobaaaa, Mehbooooobaaaa, Mehbooooobaaaa, Mehboooobaaaa, OooooO--Oooo--Oooo *gag*)
Right on!

Java City was amazing. Noel rocked that show!
And then it was time to leave.
Within all that slush and rain!
What does it matter to us... we got to scandalize a few people...............

......... and then some! ;-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Notes To My Thoughts. (1)

Hey Singer;

We never really knew what we were getting into; neither did we know that we'd ever feel the way we do now. We're neglecting what is for what cannot be... But it's quite alright. We know we got each other, still.
We spoke about illusions; clouds; puzzles; wine; love; materialistic crap; the moon; sunlight; curtains... and some things black... And perhaps, if we tried, we still could.
You were one of my *contemplate this* “sins”... but the sweetest yet (cliché? I think so). For all the nights I thought about you when I never should have; for all the sensations you put me through when I should never have felt them; for all the songs I sung thinking about you; for the wind's breath that made me want you... I silently apologize to the soul who would hurt to learn of what we had... have?
I still think about you sometimes... Often... moments... days.. Definitely nights; I miss you more than I should... But it's alright really.
I like your smile, you know. :-)
It's like a puzzle.. a maze with no exit. Like cloying heat that suffuses us like a fever. Or maybe... just emotions that go on forever?

Too many questions and not enough answers. Maybe I should stop.

Maybe tomorrow, when you think of me and want to hear my voice, you'll call me once and remember my words for the rest of your forever.

Hugs, Kisses and many, many thoughts;
Your Muse. :-)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Bring Eet On!

Another year falls through at 12:32 A.M and I hope it brings more love and less war in matters of the heart! To think the sun was in the same position 17 years ago!

I have been wished by 8 people till now... but looks like the one I'm waiting for is never going to wish me!
Last year: 12:02 A.M
This year: -----

There's a drastic change! ^
It makes me angry; it hurts; it makes me indifferent and yet... yet...
Oh! The Confusion!
And that too on the morning of my birth! (for the 18th time around!)

I shall wait anyway!
And when it does not come...
... I'll weep some and then fly over the bridge that I refuse to cross.
As of now!