Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Cryin' " and Lack of Expectation: The Weekend Blend!

I will now write with certainty that this weekend only holds the possibility of good company and amazing music.
I, again, expect no surprises of any kind.
My mind battles with thoughts of what I really want and what is right.

When those souls drift out of the sphere of our comfort unexpectedly, we look for ways to bring them back within the circle again.
We never admit that it's time to just stop expecting and wanting the souls and things of the now-past.

I have no idea what to want but I know what to not expect.
And I say this with body-consuming certainty.

It doesn't hurt.
Right now, it's anger that courses through me.
And melancholy.

But to look on the bright side, these words make more sense!:

"Listen, all I want is someone I can't resist
I know all I need to know by the way that I got kissed
I was cryin' when I met you
Now I'm tryin' to forget you
Love it sweet misery
I was cryin' just to get you
Now I'm dyin' 'cause I let you
Do what you do down on me"
--Cryin' - Aerosmith.

It's a tribute to the weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rain drops and Memories.

And it's raining.
It's chilly.
And it's consuming.

Consuming without a doubt.

And I go back through my memories and think of coffee shops, slushy pavements, chilly warm thoughts and my conversations with Princess Selene.
Just the two of us, a Cappuchino and an Earl Gray, fumes, pens, paper, voices and the rain.
The ever present rain.
Monsoon brings back these memories. The ones that pose as comforts that are now lost.
The ones of Princess Selene and me walking down that long, beautiful winding road, laughing and prancing, with her threatening to own that very road one day!

And then floods in the memories of a cold, rainy night; the same long winding road; a beautiful tree and a life-altering kiss.
It's all part of the weather.
All part of the droplets.
And now all part of the past.

Bring it around again!
The moonsoon is here!

*Somewhere over the rainbow!*

Drink the coffees and meet the memories!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So it's all about a few spoke words that make me extremely happy.

A promise for more that's not full-filled.

Heck of a day.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tee Stop Hee.

After thought:

The comfort makes me happy though... Cause he's still my comfort.

Ain't that bad.



Am I being random, All?
I just had to letcha know!

I need sleep.


It's Time!

21st May 2007.

Best mid-night call.

Worst day-light follows.

And the week is going to be hell because I'm realizing things I never thought I would have to.

First timer: I'm feeling what someone else isn't.

Worst day?
Worst emotion?
Worst realization?


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Letting Go Is A *Bitch*.

Hi, again.

See the title?
I have never meant anything so surely in all my life.

False hopes; jumbled tummies; PHYSICALLY aching hearts and a battling mind -- it is so not needed. Even distractions prove to be memories. Believe it or not!

What's harder?
The other person doesn't give a d-a-m-n anymore.
It's goes like this -- "hey, I blinked, snapped my fingers and let go! Watch and learn, everyone!"

And if I take a teeny bit longer, what does that signify?
Read again: WEAKNESS!

Ah, the ordeals of love and torture.
Goddamn nasty.

Slap me.

Friday, May 18, 2007

"Ifs" and "Buts" and all that nonsense.

If pain was a person, believe you me, I would disown it.
It's too much to be riddled with, really.
You know, those moments when the tears want to come but just don't?
Blame it on the pain, people.

You can sit and dwell; laugh and ponder; ask the "ifs" and "buts" but you always get the answer you don't want.
And when that happens, it's time to move on. (Rhyme!!)

Maybe it'll be easy... my gut feel doesn't say so though.
Are second chances allowed?
I wonder.
Sometimes we got to stop them... and other times just go with the flow.
Lets see which path I choose.

But right now, I'm in pain and I'm sure about my path.
Let's hope it alters it's course... and so does the mind of the other person!
At least I think that's what I want.

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's all the Rage. Literally.

Okay, hello again.
I'm skipping the formalities and getting straight to the point:
Men are so... so... so...!!! *scream*

Yes, a common complaint. I always told myself that I wouldn't get sucked into this rut! I mean, after all, men are people, aren't they?!
But no!
They don't own up to that reputation!
They're scum on Earth.
They're the bacteria IN the scum on Earth.
They're the molecules in the bacteria in the scum on Earth!!
THEY'RE THE ATOMS in the MOLECULES in the BACTERIA in the SCUM in Earth!!
*deep breath*

Tee hee.
Sorry. Drawback of all the rage.. you know.. that way..
*looks sheepish*

Why am I complaining about men who hold no real significance in my life? The man who matters is quite dandy really!
But the rest?!
I'll tell you one thing:
As a meddling teenager, they lack tact.

As adults, they lack caliber... and some more tact.

Why bother, really?
Let's swing both ways!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Startling truths and Chocolate Sticks.

Yup, so it's official.
Days are getting boring and men are getting more asshole-like (with the exception of THAT one man of course).
I don't expect any turn-about.
It's a Fucked up World.
(Isn't there a song like that?? If so, it's justified.)
Why the HELL do people ignore?
Stop with the mixed signals!!! Argh!!
And, woohoo, i don't seem to be the only one complaining. *gasp* No. How positively horrifying.

Another realization: Friends cheat on you.
All the time.
Don't make friends.
It isn't good for your health.
They bitch too.
Behind your back.
The bitch (s).

Moving on, I'm happy with the man and "selective" friends.
Other than that, message to the other "men" and "friends:"

--- Find someone else's ass to bite and words to ignore.
I'll turn around and kick you in your balls. :-)
How much fun!---

You PoopieHeads.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Agony, Misery.

How much longer do I wait? It's making me apprehensive and I know that I will not get the words today.
It's painful to go through so many unnecessary emotions that I cannot control.
To contemplate the fate of something that has not happened. (I hope)
Why do negative thoughts flow through me when things do not go my way?
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
But I surely cannot let go of these thoughts; these miserable thoughts.

I can only wait now... And wait not in vain, I hope.
Voices are gone... And we're left with words.
Waiting for words.
And living off words.

But it's agony and it hurts...
It hurts a little too much.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

*Gasp* Criticism! The Nuts Of Him!

So, Tinky is pretty much the funniest person I know... and to think that "boy" had the gall to a) spite her beautifully, stomach-wrenchingly funny, informational blog and b) spite one of the Greatest Authors of Eternity is a very shocking realization. I am fluctuating between laughter and this sudden urge to track him down and beat him to pulp... or get someone else to beat him to pulp.
As long as he's feckin' pulp!!

Not that HIS blog is anything remotely informational. We should petition to get it off the internet.
I mean, hellooooo -- ever heard of a "I-Think-You-Suck-And-So-Does-Your-Blog-Hence-We-Are-Getting-It
Because-We-think-You-Suck-Ass" petition?
Well, now you have.

Sign up on my comments link!

Friday, May 4, 2007

A Contemplative Wait

Waiting for words is never easy.
The wait is often filled with dread, memories and unanswered questions.
How much do we wonder and dread what the future holds?

I sit here alone and think of everything that was, is and would be. I wonder if I am being betrayed or lied to; whether my wait for those words are in vain and whether I should just let it go... But then my emotions take over.
As usual.

I expect no words today. None whatsoever... And I will not send any till I get mine.
But not today.
Perhaps not today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cooking, Baby-Sitting and Humorous Post #2 (Almost)

Today has been spent pretty eventfully.
I cooked.
But that is not what is astounding.
What's boggling my mind is the fact that I can cook.
And (not to be pompous *Scoff*) I'm pretty damn good!
(Okay, so maybe I put a little extra salt and chocked my 11 year old brother but what does that matter!)

15 minutes after that positively thrilling (*yawn*) experience, I decided to be the dedicated, loving older sister that people expect of me.
I helped my brother with grammar.
Such bonding is good.
It's just sad that I left him alone after precisely 42 seconds.

I'm now blogging because I'm bored out of my skull (which can be seen quite clearly thanks to the royally nasty haircut I went and got myself. *Classy?! My Feckin' Foot!!*). My dog looks lethargic, my brother decided that "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is an inspiration to him and finds it highly necessary to enact every one of those irritating jumping motions.... and then there's me: Wondering what happened to e-mailing and WHY my hair is so short.
Life is boring.
And irritating.

And, as my brother said, "OH MY GOD! THERE'S TOO MUCH SALT!!"
*cough cough choke gag*

Have a nice day!