Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's quite funny how everyone seems to concentrate on the post that goes two posts down (Could You Just Answer Me?).

There was a comment I got on that post that has now been deleted by the author I see... but I am hoping many people read it.

Maybe it's time I set the record straight for millions out there who stumble into my world of words:

A) No, I am not a "lonely teenager." I just have problems like everyone around -- children, adolescents, adults.
B) I welcome opinions --> not advice. You see, advice is something I want only when I ask for it. I am quite capable for advising myself and finding answers within myself.
C) If you "don't care," you should keep your words of wisdom away from me. I don't expect strangers to care... but don't find my words to vent out your frustrations on. I don't welcome it.

Well... this was my first "general" post but the fact that certain people take time out to read my words is something I appreciate.
Thank you.

Keep moving forward... and try empathizing.


Proteus said...

wonderful, there was no advice anywhere in that comment and you take these things seriously, I don't know you and you don't know me, it's nothing personal really, and no I didn't delete the second comment and empathy ? you are right
it's lost on me, yes, "I don't care", I couldn't believe someone could gripe more than me, it's good to know that a small comment sparks a hint of maturity. irks you, doesn't it ? eeeks

RastaQueen said...

And someone's at it again.
Felt the need to comment is it?

Keep them coming... those hints of maturity just might get more obvious.

Proteus said...

hehe, witty.
but then, it's easy for your cerebro to lose track of the obvious