Thursday, October 11, 2007

October Hues

It's that month again -- when lust runs red hot through every vein; when every song evokes a feeling of deep yearning and love; when love is found; when surprises are hoped for.... and when the thirst for hot, sweltering nights is impossible to quench.

This sensual month always puts me into a somewhat calm frenzy. My nerves jump, my moods are like thunder, my heart beats faster every minute leaving me breathless and I dance all by myself, under the starry, moonless night. While the sweat drips down my neck, I turn in circles with my eyes closed, reminiscing the past with a tingle down my spine.

Is it a figment of this lusty time or is my intuition right when I say I feel that I am going to be surprised this month?
No, it cannot be.
As these months come and go, and as again I am thrown into the early sweltering winds of October, the red hues and sensual provocation cloud my judgment, making me more naive.
But it never phases me somehow... I never stop hoping, I never stop pulsating, and my heart never stops throbbing.

And I shall go on and try not to hope... swinging these skirts... sweating under the foggy, October skies... singing for the rains to come down...

.... wishing that this is the month I get swept off my feet and higher than my fingers can reach.

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Gautam said...

Life is "one day at a time". It has its ups and downs but at the end of the day, one is always content in sleep to start a new one.

Enjoy each moment of each day for what you have. Do not let thoughts of what you do not have ruin the exhilarating experience that each day brings.

There are folks in your life that love you very much and to whom you are our sunshine. Remember that and you will always see only the bright side :).

Ecah day can sweep you off your feet and leave you soaring higher than you can reach. It is in you to make that happen. The rest of us are only here to help.