Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's called "Choice."

It's a dilemma.
Choosing a man you can have but just can't give you everything you need.
Choosing another man who never gave you everything yet he gave just enough to make you weep for his memories.
And then choosing yet ANOTHER man who gave you his all and then some more but who has now flown right into the future.

It helps no one when you're afraid of hurting people who now matter. Telling them you want them yet you don't.

It's like a flower that's just waiting to bloom but the season just won't come.
Then it's like a flower that's bloomed and just won't wilt.
And last of all, of a flower that grew, bloomed to glory and then wilted away faster than expected... and shall never return.
And I'm the dew. I get flicked off but I latch on in smaller droplets just as fast.

I need clarity.
Especially concerning the flower that refuses to wilt.

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