Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fuck Diplomacy; Maybe We Need Her.

What's morality?
Question it.
I'm not giving answers.

Someone asked me today if myths were real. My immediate response was to ridicule her... but then something inside me pulled at my vocal chords and in the process rendered me speechless.
Interesting question; whether it was innocently asked or formulated with deliberate precision.
I came up with an easy rhyming answer... or question:
If illusions were reality
And reality a myth
Would a myth be real then?
And would the world believe in it?

It's questions like these that make you contemplate the reality of it all.
What is reality? Is it what the world perceives it to be? Or is what we, as individuals, perceive it to be?
Something that is our reality could be someone else's myth/illusion... and vice-versa.
What a fucking joke.

Sometimes, an easy escape is staring at the moon.
It's getting to be a cliche really.
Almost everything now is.

Superficial is the word.
The word to describe life today.

Sometimes it's better to get absorbed into a round bubble of fumes, coffee, rain and loneliness.
It's beautiful...
... if you're able to see the shine in the corner.

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