Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Notes To My Thoughts. (1)

Hey Singer;

We never really knew what we were getting into; neither did we know that we'd ever feel the way we do now. We're neglecting what is for what cannot be... But it's quite alright. We know we got each other, still.
We spoke about illusions; clouds; puzzles; wine; love; materialistic crap; the moon; sunlight; curtains... and some things black... And perhaps, if we tried, we still could.
You were one of my *contemplate this* “sins”... but the sweetest yet (cliché? I think so). For all the nights I thought about you when I never should have; for all the sensations you put me through when I should never have felt them; for all the songs I sung thinking about you; for the wind's breath that made me want you... I silently apologize to the soul who would hurt to learn of what we had... have?
I still think about you sometimes... Often... moments... days.. Definitely nights; I miss you more than I should... But it's alright really.
I like your smile, you know. :-)
It's like a puzzle.. a maze with no exit. Like cloying heat that suffuses us like a fever. Or maybe... just emotions that go on forever?

Too many questions and not enough answers. Maybe I should stop.

Maybe tomorrow, when you think of me and want to hear my voice, you'll call me once and remember my words for the rest of your forever.

Hugs, Kisses and many, many thoughts;
Your Muse. :-)