Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cows Are Sexy! I Admit It!

Hey..... Whats up?
*long pause*

Yes, that's randomness but what does it matter?
This is the blogging world you know. *looks smug*
I can sound like a complete fool and still come off as an exceptional writer!
I reign my blog! *looks righteous*

There seem to be more people turning to blogging these days... jobless gits. (Blame THAT on Ron Weasley.. You know the red-haired dude from Harry Potter who, by the way, is out to destroy You-Know-Who *said in a fearful whisper*... You don't know who?... Lord... Lord... VOLDERMOT!! *shrieks and runs for cover* -- for all those ignorant people who didn't know WHO, if I die, I'm suing.--You murders. And I thought Voldy here was bad.)

Moving on, in my pathetic attempt to bring humor to my now almost-dead blog, I must state that men are beautiful creatures... read: creatures.
Much like pets.
It just sucks when they bring emotions into a ton of things.
Those blubbering morons!
It's not that I hate men. Really. In fact, I QUITE like them. *smiles slyly*
But all I'm trying to put forth here is, that men need to buck(le) up and get their acts straight.

It's sad that my dog has been neutered.. she's never going to have a boyfriend.
It makes me want to weep.
The treacherous fate she has to endure!
The physical frustration!
Oh! Bless her!

Cows are sexy, dude. *I like big butts and I cannot lie!* That's what hits me.
They sashay along our filth ridden roads, their amazing girth taking up most of the pavement as well.
They have a don't-give-a-damn attitude. (Don't believe me? Next time you see a cow sitting in the middle of a busy high way, you'll think of me and then choke on your spit! Hah!)
I like cows.
They come in different colors.
AND patterns. *wiggles eyebrows*
Beat that, suckers!

1 comment:

Sharanya said...

you're such a funny lil munch...i agree, cows are pretty hot...i'm sure there's some kind of mental disorder related to it...*snaps fingers like Rachel from Frens* wat was it? wat was it? well...i dunno but i shall remmeber and tell and we can have it together! yay!
PS your dog can hgave boyfriends *smiles slyly* she just can't have babies...uhhh..make that puppies...eeewww bad mental image! eeew eeew eeew!
MWA! keep writing and making my life happy. :)