Monday, July 2, 2007

Bring Eet On!

Another year falls through at 12:32 A.M and I hope it brings more love and less war in matters of the heart! To think the sun was in the same position 17 years ago!

I have been wished by 8 people till now... but looks like the one I'm waiting for is never going to wish me!
Last year: 12:02 A.M
This year: -----

There's a drastic change! ^
It makes me angry; it hurts; it makes me indifferent and yet... yet...
Oh! The Confusion!
And that too on the morning of my birth! (for the 18th time around!)

I shall wait anyway!
And when it does not come...
... I'll weep some and then fly over the bridge that I refuse to cross.
As of now!

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Princess Selene said...

wher s the singer letter