Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Happy Birthday, Princess Selene!

A year of laughter, tears and toil

A new light shines through all the trouble in the soil.

A grace on this land to keep you here

We hope you'll spread those wings soon this year.

No hope of the past, it's a wasted thought.

We are your present and all that you fought for.

These words aren't much

I have nothing more to give.

But at the light of every day

Without pain, I hope, you live.

Hope this year brings in less agony and pain!
Your Girl Genius
(Yellow always was your color!)

1 comment:

Princess Selene said...

thank u darlin!
and past is back!
lots to tell you....
wil cal soon...
not taday...
but i will.......

jus a hint she called me......
and i met her today.....