Saturday, June 30, 2007

Drowsy Mornings

It's 11.34 A.M and I just decided to grace the morning's light... or lack of it. This weather makes me want to go right back to sleep, pop a few and then crumble into that blanket; but alas! I can't do that... I got other fumes to inhale.

I woke up at 5.30 A.M with an asthma attack. I mean, c'mon, I'm so passed these things... or so I thought. Evidently, some people STILL don't get enough oxygen. My not-so-excessive-yet-excessive nicotine cravings don't help my tiny lungs much but that again is of no relevance.

Last evening I met 5 very interesting people. Deb, Sally, Princess Selene, A and Ar. Quite a pleasure.
A insisted that he never cheated on me... but Princess Selene (and a couple of thousand other women) know the truth. Hence, in consequence, I left him... But not for too long! He loves courting me!

Princess Selene never stopped with her stories... my particular favorite was the very-image-oriented story about the branch falling on the poor Activa man! ("machaa!")

Deb loves college. After yesterday, she likes horrid PJs that, I will admit, made me laugh AND choke on my fumes and the nasty coffee.

Ar is just the cutest. With a younger sister who sounds a lot like what I was (except I got the shrink), Ar is quiet adorable. (She wears the cutest headbands. Really.)

Sally! There's a soul I missed. Quite the Scorpio *whispers*. Quite the sweetheart.

On my way home, I pretty much saw my life flash by behind my glazed eyes; courtesy: my crazy auto driver and his obsession with speed.

I still feel quite sleepy but I need a caffeine high... which doesn't work much anymore but..
... Feck.

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