Sunday, June 3, 2007


It's suffocating.
This fear and disgust for one person is over-whelming.
This sudden urge to mystify every aspect of the soul.
To block out the negative and let go of the vices.
Vices that were/are living.

When you're taken over with the feeling of being used, the only rational, self-respecting action to take is to cut all connection with that one source.
And it is the action I take now.
With this feeling of vengeance and hatred.

It's like a yielding a bloodied sword only to drive it in with more force.
The bloodied sword is my wounded self-respect.
The body that's impacted is the soul of the past.

Let tomorrow come.
Let the new dawn set.

It's a new life.
Without any suffocation.
Without any fear.

And definitely with more strength.

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