Friday, May 11, 2007

Startling truths and Chocolate Sticks.

Yup, so it's official.
Days are getting boring and men are getting more asshole-like (with the exception of THAT one man of course).
I don't expect any turn-about.
It's a Fucked up World.
(Isn't there a song like that?? If so, it's justified.)
Why the HELL do people ignore?
Stop with the mixed signals!!! Argh!!
And, woohoo, i don't seem to be the only one complaining. *gasp* No. How positively horrifying.

Another realization: Friends cheat on you.
All the time.
Don't make friends.
It isn't good for your health.
They bitch too.
Behind your back.
The bitch (s).

Moving on, I'm happy with the man and "selective" friends.
Other than that, message to the other "men" and "friends:"

--- Find someone else's ass to bite and words to ignore.
I'll turn around and kick you in your balls. :-)
How much fun!---

You PoopieHeads.

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Princess Selene said...

who bitch (s)????????