Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rain drops and Memories.

And it's raining.
It's chilly.
And it's consuming.

Consuming without a doubt.

And I go back through my memories and think of coffee shops, slushy pavements, chilly warm thoughts and my conversations with Princess Selene.
Just the two of us, a Cappuchino and an Earl Gray, fumes, pens, paper, voices and the rain.
The ever present rain.
Monsoon brings back these memories. The ones that pose as comforts that are now lost.
The ones of Princess Selene and me walking down that long, beautiful winding road, laughing and prancing, with her threatening to own that very road one day!

And then floods in the memories of a cold, rainy night; the same long winding road; a beautiful tree and a life-altering kiss.
It's all part of the weather.
All part of the droplets.
And now all part of the past.

Bring it around again!
The moonsoon is here!

*Somewhere over the rainbow!*

Drink the coffees and meet the memories!

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