Monday, May 14, 2007

It's all the Rage. Literally.

Okay, hello again.
I'm skipping the formalities and getting straight to the point:
Men are so... so... so...!!! *scream*

Yes, a common complaint. I always told myself that I wouldn't get sucked into this rut! I mean, after all, men are people, aren't they?!
But no!
They don't own up to that reputation!
They're scum on Earth.
They're the bacteria IN the scum on Earth.
They're the molecules in the bacteria in the scum on Earth!!
THEY'RE THE ATOMS in the MOLECULES in the BACTERIA in the SCUM in Earth!!
*deep breath*

Tee hee.
Sorry. Drawback of all the rage.. you know.. that way..
*looks sheepish*

Why am I complaining about men who hold no real significance in my life? The man who matters is quite dandy really!
But the rest?!
I'll tell you one thing:
As a meddling teenager, they lack tact.

As adults, they lack caliber... and some more tact.

Why bother, really?
Let's swing both ways!

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Princess Selene said...

swing baby swing!!

and tht's frm My best friend's wedding!!!! :/