Saturday, May 5, 2007

*Gasp* Criticism! The Nuts Of Him!

So, Tinky is pretty much the funniest person I know... and to think that "boy" had the gall to a) spite her beautifully, stomach-wrenchingly funny, informational blog and b) spite one of the Greatest Authors of Eternity is a very shocking realization. I am fluctuating between laughter and this sudden urge to track him down and beat him to pulp... or get someone else to beat him to pulp.
As long as he's feckin' pulp!!

Not that HIS blog is anything remotely informational. We should petition to get it off the internet.
I mean, hellooooo -- ever heard of a "I-Think-You-Suck-And-So-Does-Your-Blog-Hence-We-Are-Getting-It
Because-We-think-You-Suck-Ass" petition?
Well, now you have.

Sign up on my comments link!

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