Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surprises, Anxiety and Revelations.

According to Princess Selene, my tone of voice has changed.
For the better or worse is still undecided but it is a very interesting observation.
I wonder if changing tones corresponds to maturity or wavering emotions.
Both, I presume.
If I'm becoming mature (finally) then I must stop this growth process at ONCE.
If my emotions are fluctuating... my mind is being a bitch and not telling me.

I'm anxious.
I have a feeling that I am going to be surprised tomorrow in a way I expect... but don't expect.
Ever wonder why some people hate surprises?
I do.
And I'm one of them.
Maybe it's because I do not like change. Being grounded is safer.
But that's pretty contradictory to the fact that I can be impulsive.

Conclusion: I got a split personality.
How exciting.

The morning light is going to set in soon.. or close to soon at least.
That's even more exciting.
Not literally.. but I am making a renewed effort to be optimistic rather than the "optimistic pessimist" that I already am.

I think my fingers are going to break off... they shake too much.
The cause might be too much of "personal pollution."

-- Dire needs
And consequences unseen.
High on the wavelengths of time
And the anxiety of tomorrow is all mine!
Dwell and drop
Skip and hop
The child in me
Can so clearly see
The future of growth,
And anxiety and so forth!!

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Princess Selene said...

i knew it!
i knew u ll write bout whwt i said!