Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rain, Coffees and Skeptic Thoughts.

Yeah, so you know how they say that loneliness always needs a friend?
I'd like to let it know that I'm selectively single.
If loneliness was a person, I would marry it.
Woman or man, I'm pretty much bi-curious (or so I say), I'd swing both ways for a little loneliness.
Take note.

The man in my life makes me, my hormones, libido, mind and mental cells happy. Satisfied is yet to be put up (2 more days!!) but overall, selective singleton is very easy to achieve.

(Bangalore in the Rain: courtsey The Hindu)

You know what my favorite monsoon hobbie is?
Sitting in Barista with a Cappuchino and looking at the people through the rain.
Ever notice how easy it gets to shape people into what you believe them to be... in the rain?
I like water.
I really *really* like water.
Getting wet is an experience by itself.
I don't mean shower wetness... I'm talking about rain-pelting wetness.
The hard and light drops, the balmy skies, the people rushing into shops and cafes to get away, vehicles making *swiiiissshhh* noises, tire-splattered water, people cursing ("bhenchod!!") and then there's me -- standing still through all the noise and chaos, arms outstretched, head tilted upwards, thinking of sins and making love, singing Banana Pancakes and skipping in puddles. Rain makes me happy. Makes me think.
I'd like to marry rain as well.
Is it possible to divorce material things?

I do! I recently divorced my diary.
Too many truths.
I like lies.. little white illusions that make me feel better.
Once in a while.

"Sitting round feeling far away
So far away but I can feel the debris
Can you feel it?
You interrupt me from a friendly conversation
To tell me how great its all gonna be
You might notice some hesitation
'Cause it's important to you, it's not important to me
Way down by the edge of your reasons
It's beginning to show
And all I really wanna know is..."

-- Jack Johnson

Where the fuck are my thoughts headed?

-- New beginnings and happy endings
Thinking of you with these never-ending feelings.
Skeptic emotions and running pain
My love, you have my soul
My heart isn't slain.
Talk to me and tell the world
That i'm a friend you treasure and hold.
To me you can say the things you never said
And we'll skip in the rain as the drops hit our heads.

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Princess Selene said...

u are cute!

and i think we can divorce material things and friends as well!

keep writing my girl genius!