Friday, April 27, 2007

Princess Selene.

When the night sets in and your tears flow
When the stars twinkle and the moonlight glows.
Do you think of you and everything you are?
Or do you think of us and what is afar?
Do you dwell on the complications that riddle our lives?
Or do you rectify the mistakes that made you survive?
When will you learn that it's you who comes first
That the world is secondary and pain is a thirst?
Don't hide those fears and don't protect us all
If we aren't given a chance to love you
We might just fall.
The night's breeze grazes your skin and your words
I might seem fickle but I always believed it's you who comes first.
I might not show it, I might not listen
But I love you with an entirety that might be forbidden.
The world knows your heart and the gold it holds
I'll take you in my arms as you slowly fold.
I know I seem uncaring and foolish and illusion ed
But I never stop dreaming that you'll be granted what you envision.
I think I'll stop my words and let my mind do the caring
While you read and you dwell and realize what you're sharing...

-- Princess Selene needs to heed this little poem I wrote for her.
And realize that reality is her... not the people in it.
I love her!