Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sequels and Content Imagination

Every dream has a sequel. Vivid with words and actions. And I am still waiting for mine...

In the face of conflict and clashing thoughts, how do I put across the emotions that I detest? These very emotions that I fell pray to with a vengeance unseen.

And all for a man who spins a story.

Riddles and thoughts, links and chains -- common things we talk about but with an intensity that is electrifying. An intensity that possesses the ability to consume one's being in it's entirety.

And yet... YET... they aren't as deep as I'd like to describe them to be. They run and flow now and then, but the moment of reality has passed.
And it passed so quietly that to capture it again is an ordeal one would not want to go through. An ordeal with consequences so deep, that one would live in the constant fear of being caught.

How happy I am to be where I am, and yet I wonder about the frivolous things in life and realize that they are enough to make a person unhappy. Should I keep wondering? Or should I let the blemished yet unblemished reality consume me?

And as I wonder and ponder over those questions, I reach the conclusion that seems to be pulling me through unconsciously. A conclusion that defines a moment. I realize that the reality of life is what one needs to keep one grounded, but the frivolous thoughts are what keeps one sane. The "sinful" with the "truthful."

These very sinful thoughts keep me moving. That very being that consumes them keeps me thinking.

And that very person keeps me feeling...

... what I must not.

-- Never borrowed the love that was meant to be
Always left the sins to be unseen.
I am happy with him and my thoughts
Not with the definitions and all that I fought.
An open book, A sealed letter
And I will send the love
But does it really matter?

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Sharanya said...

"Sinful, with the truthful" me likes munch!