Thursday, March 15, 2007

Links, Melodies, Words and Us.

How many times do we find that our thoughts are linked with one another?

Walking down that beach, all i could wonder was if i had made a mistake. Did i do the right thing? Is it ethical?
And though i ask these questions knowing every answer, i still miss him.
Words can't define it for it has no defination but the connection of our words and our thoughts were oh-so strong.

It's been more than forever since i spoke to him but the distance between us seems to be growing. He came like the wind and he got swept away just as fast.
How can we describe the links our thoughts have when we aren't sure what we're thinking about?

Never have I spoken to anyone the way i did with him.
But i always wonder, did he lead me on?
Was he playing the game men are reputed for?

Was he honest?
Did he feel the spark as well?

I wonder if i have found a friend in him but i do know for sure that i can make him the lover i already have.

And then i realize, it's time to stop thinking and let it go. We belong to two different people, even if a figment of us belongs to one another.

It's like a song with no words.
We, him and I, make the symphony together.. without uttering a sound.

-- And you came and you went
I didn't follow.
I ask you to go, not a word i sent
Now my heart feels a tad bit hollow.
Content i might be, but the melodies are gone
Words are stuck
Within me
And the mind at times gets forlorn.
But never mind the decision,
The pain or the thirst.
What's the point of planning with precision
When we were their's first?
Just keep my words and wonder how
The heavens caved in
And we'll talk when we must in riddles and how
But we'll know what we mean within.

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